Application of SOLAVITE Oil & Gas

SOLAVITE Oil & Gas treats crude oil when it exits the wellhead by descaling its transport pipelines. To descale production pipes, part of the fluid catalyzed by SOLAVITE is re-injected through the casing pipe clearing and maintaining clear the production pipes and the wellhead.


SOLAVITE Oil&Gas cleans and maintains pipes, ducts and tanks free of organic deposits (paraffin, asphaltene and mixed) and minerals (barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, etc.).

SOLAVITE Oil&Gas removes existing organic and mineral scales besides preventing the formation of new ones in several systems of crude oil exploration and production, transportation and storage, completely eliminating the need for chemical, mechanical or thermal cleaning.

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Increased productivity and reduced costs with maintenance and scale treatment.

Substantial increase 

in efficiency and performance of exploration, production, transport and storage infrastructures while recovering the original conditions of the project concerning flow, pressure and conductivity;


Prevention and removal

 of mineral and organic scales in production pipes, transportation pipelines, wellheads, storage tanks;
Allows the free movement of oil in all systems;
Stabilizes the system pressure;
Does not modify oil composition;

Cost reduction 

by replacing chemical and mechanical treatments and by reducing production interruptions;
No restrictions in flow of oil to be treated;
No restrictions concerning temperature concentration of ions in fluids to be treated;
Does not cause corrosion.