SOLAVITE Motor is a technology that provides reduction of both greenhouse gases emissions and atmospheric pollutants generating major environmental, economic and social benefits with excellent cost benefit.

The catalytic action of our technology on fuel changes the behavior of hydrocarbon molecules acting on the physical surfactant amongst molecules and scattering them, thus increasing combustion efficiency without leaving residues in the engine, achieving greater performance for the vehicle and extending the engine’s lifespan. Consequently, the efficient burning results in reduction of emissions (NOx, CO, CO2, HC) and of pollutant particulates.

Combustion engines

One of the applications of SOLAVITE technology is dedicated to combustion engines. SOLAVITE Motor acts as a physical surfactant catalyzing fuel (gasoline, diesel, alcohol), increasing thermodynamic efficiency that results in engine decarbonization, reduction of gases and particulate pollutants

SOLAVITE Motor Radiator is used to remove scales and oxidations formed inside the radiator hampering optimal cooling of combustion engines.

Benefits of SOLAVITE Motor Technology

Decarbonizes and prevents engine carbonization;

Improves combustion efficiency and fuel economy;

Reduces emissions of gases and pollutants;

Removes oxidation from head, valve, piston and rings;

Descales radiator increasing cooling efficiency of combustion engines;

Reduces maintenance downtime thus reducing costs;

Increases engine lifespan.

Increases engine power