Solavite Hydro


SOLAVITE Hydro completely removes mineral deposits present on the inner walls of pipes, boilers and machines.

SOLAVITE Hydro eliminates existing scales and prevents the formation of new ones in pipes and machines, which are responsible for causing economic and environmental damage to residences, industries and cities.

Benefits of SOLAVITE hydro technology

  • Increased industrial productivity, more efficient equipment and cost reduction;
  • The pipes of boilers and steam lines remain scale-free thus improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption;
  • Eliminates production downtime due to mechanical cleaning of scale in equipment;
    Cost reduction by eliminating chemical softeners and/or replacing pipes;
  • Does not require additional or specialized hand work (maintenance consists of monthly cleaning of the catalysts).
  • Water saving by eliminating continuous water purges in cooling towers;
  • No need for decontaminating treatment of cooling towers and boilers effluent and no risk of pollution;
  • Waste water presents no risk of pollution and it can be discharged into the sewer system.
  • Eliminates the habitat of microorganisms and bacteria that affect the purity of drinking water;
  • Reduces the contamination of water bodies caused by contaminated industrial effluents;
  • Eliminates the taste and odor of chlorine in drinking water, without interfering in its disinfecting effect.

Applications of SOLAVITE Hydro
Boilers, Cooling Towers, Urban Supplies and Water Wells


SOLAVITE Hydro is dimensioned to treat make-up water of boilers and it is installed at water inlet and/or before the tank for condensate return.


SOLAVITE Hydro is sized to 10-15% of the circulating flow in the Cooling Tower and it is installed in the tower exit after the pump. SOLAVITE Hydro has an effect over the entire system (equipment, heat exchangers, pipes and its own towers) eliminating existing scale and preventing formation of new ones.


SOLAVITE Hydro is sized to treat 100% of the flow, reaching 100% efficient results in removing scales in water supply systems and avoiding the formation of new scales besides reducing the taste of chlorine and eliminating bacteria habitat.
In case scale occurs in the well water production column, SOLAVITE Hydro promotes descaling of gouges that drain water from the water table, thus raising the well lifespan and productivity.