AcquaPhi Water Oxygenator

AcquaPhi is a water dynamizer that generates instant and unlimited hi-quality oxygenated-structured-water, for home and professional applications. . 

AcquaPhi emulates the natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns. Water molecules are free to move and “dance with nature” in an energetically fresh and vibrant manner. All these processes structure and oxygenate the water.

Effects on plants

Users of AcquaPhi report a remarkable increase on plant growth. 

Structured Water appears to fortify plant-life and extend the blossoming time for plants while simultaneously making them stronger and more resilient.

Plants irrigated with structured water seem to require much less fertilizer and less chemicals products.

Anti-aging effects

Tissues are 65% and Muscles are 75% water.
Drinking and bathing in AcquaPhi structured water renjuvinates the skin seems to increase strength and vitality.

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, the world’s leading authority on water science, has proven that “hexagonal water,” is present in various geographic regions of the world and has long been known for its healing properties and medicinal effects. In 1986, Dr. Jhon officially presented his theory, "Molecular Water Environment."

Pets and farm animals 

Animals seems to prefer instinctively structured water to regular tap water. 

Food & Drinks
Foods left to soak in AcquaPhi structured water appears to maintain their freshness longer.  The flour mixed with structured water appears to get a better leavening with an imrpoved final quality of the products

Limestone , Pools & SPA

AcquaPhi structured water appears to reduce the accumulation of destructive calcium and lime deposits in water pipes.

One of our distributors experienced excellent results with ice machines and other restaurant equipment.

AcquaPhi structured water appears to reduce the amount of chlorine required for the hygienic operation of swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.  It doesn't require electricity or periodic substitution of parts or other accessories.  Is therefore a maintenance-free, life-time appliance.

Design & Meta Materials

AcquaPhi utilizes a specialized matrix of meta-materials which, without direct contact with the water, have the ability to influence the molecular structure of water by way of emanating frequencies.

The construction geometry is based upon the mathematical value of Phi and Pi Greco. The hydraulic system follows the geometry of DNA, which has been theorized to act as an antenna for the energy fields that surround us.

Easy installation. 100% maintenance free.

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AcquaPhi Pro


Professional Use
Pipe 1” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 66x32x34 cm
Water flux: ~2400 Lt/hour

AcquaPhi Family


Domestic Use
Pipe 3/4” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 45x24x26 cm
Water flux: ~1600 Lt/hour

AcquaPhi Mini


Small house/apartment
Small & Portable
Pipe 1/2” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 35x18x18 cm
Water flux: ~1000 Lt/hour.

AcquaPhi Micro


Up to 30 June US$600
Domestic Use - Single Tap
Small & Portable
Pipe 3/8” Inox Aisi316L
Dimension: 25x18x18 cm
Water flux: ~400 Lt/hour