Water.  A new scientific horizon.

Water is not just H2O, it is a living liquid matrix which interconnects our body at a cellular level.

International scientists Emilio Del Giudice and Nobel Prize Luc Montagnier have demonstrated by experimentation that water reveals something akin to a real “memory effect”.

This means that under certain conditions the clusters of water have the ability to self-organize into liquid crystalline structures and that electromagnetic information can be stored within the molecular structure of water.

Water is responsible for the healthy function of DNA, enzyme reaction and numerous metabolic processes.  It is the network carrier of all the body’s bio-electromagnetic signals and plays an intrinsic and fundamental role in  the optimization of our physical and mental functions.


Dr Jhon


Dr Mu Shik Jhon, the world’s leading authority on water science, has proven that the existence of a specific water structure, known as “hexagonal water,” is present in various geographic regions of the world. This water has long been known for it’s healing properties and medicinal effects.
In 1986 Dr Jhon officially presented his theory "Molecular Water Environment."

He found that the reinstatement of “hexagonal water” in our body can improve vitality, prevent disease and, have the potential to slow-down aging itself.
It’s the 21st-century and we are beginning to understand that the process of aging has a direct correlation to our body's cellular depletion of “hexagonal water.”


Dr Flanagan


The scientist Patrick Flanigan discovered that the most most stable structure of liquid  water is a crystalline geometric structure formed by eight water molecules (the Star Tetrahedron or Kepler's Star). From a profile view it’s form can be seen to be the shape of a perfect hexagon.  This specific geometry produces an effect called ‘molecular coherence’.

Molecular coherence amplifies water’s natural abilities to archive and transfer information, similar to quartz crystal used in computers and watches.
This means that hexagonally-structured water can be formatted and programmed not unlike that of a personal computer thanks to it’s inherent electromagnetic memory.


Dr Pollack


The Fourth Phase of Water.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, UW professor of bioengineering, has developed a theory of water that has been called revolutionary.  Dr. Pollack has spent the past decade convincing worldwide audiences that water is not actually a liquid.




Interview with Dr Luc Montagnier
“Viruses, AIDS, Nutrition and Water.”

Dr Montagnier scientifically confirmed (the same experiment was replicated in independent laboratories worldwide ), the presence of electromagnetic waves generating from water molecules and the importance of the molecular structure of water.
“Dna waves and water” pubblished on Journal of Physics




Drugs of the future

Massimo Citro examines research on consciousness, quantum physics, animal and plant intelligence, the power of intention, emotional fields, Kirlian photography, and the effects of thoughts, emotions, and music on water. Linking the work of Ervin Laszlo on the Akashic field, Rupert Sheldrake on morphogenetic fields, Richard Gerber on vibrational medicine, and Masaru Emoto on the memory of water, Citro shows how the universal information field connects every person, plant, animal, and mineral – a concept long known by shamans and expounded by perennial wisdom. Putting this science of the invisible to practical use, he explains his revolutionary system of vibrational medicine, known as TFF, which uses the information field to obtain the benefits of natural substances and medications in their “pure” informational form, transferring this to water and metals and offering side-effect-free remedies for health and well-being.






Water is not only the main element of our body  is also one of the most powerful healing remedy known to man.  A new science based on the hidden properties of water’s molecular structures has been the inspiration for a new generation of water treatment devices.






Water Memory and Structured Water
The  video explains the science and the principles behind the water dynamizer AcquaPhi™

AcquaPhi™ is the first "full spectrum" water activator that revitalizes water back to its ideal hexagonal crystalline molecular structure. It replicates the natural process by which nature transfers a full spectrum of vibrational information to water.

Using magnetic energy fields, special quartz, semi-precious stones (Anchi crystals) and other patented innovations, molecules are reorganized into high-efficiency clusters, unlocking water’s exotic properties. This effect is replicated upon other fluids as well.


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